Infinity Partnership

The Urban Century Group's main acquisition vehicle is Infinity Urban Century, LLC, a joint venture investment entity owned and managed by UCG in partnership with The Infinity Group. The Infinity Group is a privately held U.S. holding company with investment interests in consumer products, real estate, insurance and banking. The two firms' joined forces in 2008 to grow their investment activities in major US urban gateway markets.

Since inception, Infinity Urban Century has invested in and or managed over $3 billion of commercial real estate properties and related entities in 12 major US metropolitan areas. The Company serves as a management partner and operator to Infinity and Urban Century's investors, providing real estate transactions, operations, and investment management services. It executes all of its projects directly, keeping control of operations, and managing all deployed capital positions in-house on behalf of its investors.

Infinity Urban Century has established a strong track-record as a leading owner and operator of property assets in New York and Washington, and the firm aims to grow its footprint on the US Eastern seaboard. Its investment partners' capital is deployed and managed through single purpose vehicles jointly controlled by the UCG and Infinity. Outside of this entity, the two firms also make controlled and non-controlled investments into select third-party property ventures, using proprietary capital from the principals.

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