Our Investment Approach

Our team combines a distinct value-investment focus with a hands-on, control-based management style. We are owners and we think like owners. We marry aggressive asset value-creation strategies with conservative financing and risk taking.  Whether we renovate and upgrade a property, change its use to a higher and better one, replace tenants, or develop from the ground up, we add value at the asset level, independent of market-related value creation.  This investment style is strenghtened by our long-term-ownership stance on control assessment, capital structure, and exit choices.

Our approach is to identify unique, high-potential assets that are under-used or under-managed. Then we transform them into cash-flowing, institutional-grade properties positioned to serve the needs of income-oriented investors.  We acquire, redevelop, reposition and re-tenant assets, essentially reinventing outdated properties.  Our investment insights, anchored in real estate fundamentals, are enhanced by our extensive operational and development experience.

We create and protect significant embedded equity value in our assets, generating a steady cash flow for Urban Century and its investment partners.  Our investment objectives are as follows:

  • Target value-creation opportunities with staying power, to achieve leveraged returns of 14% to 18% over 5-to-10-year holding periods, using no more than 60% capitalization in the form of debt leverage.
  • Acquire under-valued , under-improved, and under-managed real estate assets and property related entities with significant growth and redevelopment potential, capitalizing on our team's expertise
  • Adopt a long-term stance , designing investment and capital plans that reflect both our aggressive equity value-creation strategies and our investors' long-term holding periods


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