Management Team’s Core Competencies

Value Added - Envisioning and Executing Compelling Opportunities

We invest in assets that involve a significant paradigm shift, be it though redevelopment and repositioning, an adaptive use change, or a recapitalization of a financially stressed property. Whether we envision a different asset profile and economic model than the one the market is focusing on, or create a hip, modern and competitive property out of an obsolete building, we innovate and generate value at the asset level.

Before mapping out a detailed redevelopment strategy and making an acquisition, we invest a significant amount of time upfront thinking about the most innovative economic, physical, and functional use model for the target investment. Our extensive planning and development experience gives our team a definite edge in the asset-reinvention process. We aim to invest in, develop, and own best-in-class properties with irreplaceable locations. To achieve this goal we exercise patience, resolve, and ingenuity in the value-creation process for every asset or project we acquire.

Our execution expertise lies in our ability to carry-out a complex redevelopment process with steadfast discipline, while making swift and flexible adjustments that enable product improvements, when opportunities to enhance our cost-quality relationship arise. Our hands-on approach to investment management reflects the combined skill set of our leadership team. Each deal is managed from acquisition/development to exit by the same principal, ensuring continuity, accountability, and consistency in our execution. For every asset we acquire, we develop an 18-to-24-month Value-Creation Plan and Execution Timeline, with risk mitigation milestones and an interim operating plan. Our management protocols provide early warning signals for any deviations from budgets and schedules, and they impose our high standards onto all of the partners and service providers engaged on our value-creation process.


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