Management Team’s Core Competencies

Risk Management - Mitigating Risk and Protecting our Clients' Capital

To ensure the responsible stewardship of its partners' capital, the Group's disciplined investment style is anchored around (i) a constant focus on downside potential, (ii) conservative use leverage, and (iii) mitigated and diversified risks. We combine this discipline with significant flexibility in the face of variability, in order to deliver focused and timely execution of our investment ideas. Our investment management philosophy is anchored on downside protection: by understanding the potential downside or loss of an investment, and structuring our investments accordingly, we aim to generate above-average returns with low volatility over a long period of time.

UCG maintains a comprehensive risk management framework, which includes bottom-up analysis of every asset and market, on-going review of all valuation models and asset management systems, quarterly variance reports, fair market valuations, and regular credit analysis updates. During the life cycle of each investments, our team shares with our investors an extensive amount of information on the progress made along our inital execution plan, keeping the partnership fully aligned and all parties abreast of material events.


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