Investment Strategy

The company offers its select pool of investors access to some of the most attractive investment opportunities available in the market at any one time.  Our investment partners leverage (a) our experienced selection of mispriced real estate risk, (b) our disciplined investment execution and asset management, and (c) our unwavering focus on net investment return to measure success.

The Urban Century Group's investment strategy is anchored in a simple philosophy, informed by experience and risk appetite.  The Company invests in an illiquid asset class to benefit from market inefficiencies.  It targets the most liquid property markets, seeks assets with maximum exit optionality, and aims to reposition its properties to render them more competitive over the long-term horizon. This following strategic framework defines what we do:

  • Invest only in deep urban markets that feature a large and dynamic employment base, a highly educated workforce, high household-income levels, and a growing population
  • Acquire and redevelop iconic urban properties, with high barrier-to-entry locations in dense infill areas, enjoying easy access to mass-transit nodes and a strong visual identity in their market
  • Service the Urban Lifestyle Generation by investing in consumer-related properties where amenities, convenience, service, and experience can create lasting brand value for our assets, whether they are urban retail, housing, office, hotel or mixed-use properties

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